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McGregor General Store cares about your horses because we care about ours!

Cowboy Magic Shampoo/Conditioner

From $6.99

Rosewater Shampoo - The fast working ingredients break down dirt and unwanted matter quickly without damaging hair. The formula has a double action that allows gentle full strength use without...

E3 Hair Growth Shampoo 16oz


Helps stimulate healthy hair growth Gentle, pH balanced formula Fortified with nano vitamins Reduces hair loss 16 oz  E3® Elite Equine Evolution Hair Growth Shampoo for horses is a gentle,...

E3 Waterless Argan Oil Shampoo 32oz


For use between baths or for a touch up clean, E3 Argan Oil Shampoo Waterless Spray is easy to use and will help repair damaged or tangled hair. Natural Argan...

Banixx Wound Care Cream 8oz


Wound Care Cream, ultra enriched with Marine Collagen with its sea sourced amino acids that repair tissue/damage while moisturizing the infected skin. Cells need to remain moisturized for quickest repair;...

Vetrolin Bath Shampoo 32oz


Clean has never felt or smelled so good. Concentrated Vetrolin Bath, now with Argan Oil, cleans gently and effectively. Rich lather foams away dirt, skin debris and dandruff. Argan Oil,...

Vita B-12 Crumbles 2.5lb


Vitamin B-12 is required for the normal production of red blood cells Contains 50,000 mcg/lb of vitamin B-12

Vita Biotin Crumbles 2.5lb


Contains biotin to help maintain healthy hoof growth Supports strong hoof walls Biotin plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins For all horses, including pregnant...

DuraLyte Apple Equine Electrolyte 5lb


Supplements designed for the support of normal recovery time after strenuous activity and help maintain a normal electrolyte balance year round. Electrolyte & trace mineral formula. Flavored for increased palatability....

AniMed Via-Calm 2lb


Anamed's Via-Calm with hemp is formulated to help horses exhibiting nervousness from environmentally induced stress The combination of hemp, L-tryptophan, thiamine, calcium and magnesium promotes a sense of relaxation and...

AniMed Remission 4lb


AniMed Professional Strength Remission Horse Supplement is perfectly formulated for horses that have foundered or are prone to the risk of founder (Laminitis). It’s a scientifically engineered blend of ingredients...

AniMed Anihist H Gel 60ml


AniMed Anihist H Gel naturally supports your horse's ability to breathe better. Animed's unique blend of herbal adaptogens and nutrients help support normal respiratory function. Supports horses with seasonal allergies....

3M Animalintex Poultice Pad 1395P


Animalintex Poultice Pad is a convenient, ready to use poultice that comes in a pad. This unique poultice contains a mild antiseptic (boric acid) and tragacanth, a natural poultice agent...

Absorbine Veterinary Liniment

From $14.99

A horse care essential, Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment was formulated to soothe the muscles and joints of working horses in 1892. Today, as the world’s best-selling horse liniment, it continues to...

Absorbine Bute-Less Paste


A proven alternative in relief for horses with discomfort, Bute-Less uses natural ingredients such as Devils Claw, vitamin B-12, and yucca to help ease aches and discomfort associated with normal...

Absorbine Bute-Less Solution 32oz


A proven alternative in relief for horses with discomfort, Bute-Less uses natural ingredients such as Devils Claw, vitamin B-12, and yucca to help ease aches and discomfort associated with normal...

ShowSheen Stain Remover & Whitener 20oz


A fast-acting spot remover and horse whitener enhanced with Oxi-Eraser stain lifters for a color-safe, deep clean without bleach or bluing agents. Fast-acting and specially pH-balanced for horses. Nourishes hair...

Safe-guard Equi-bits Dewormer


Alfalfa-based pellets for general parasite control in rotational deworming. This single dose treatment makes rotational deworming a breeze! For-hard-to-paste & hard-to-catch horses and for weanlings and yearlings on feed. See...

Exhibitor's Quic Braid Mane & Tail Control 16oz


Helps control your horse’s unruly mane and tail, so you can style them with ease. Delivers show-ring results and is a superior alternative to using human grooming product. Provides you...

Pyranha Fly Mask w/ Ears Large


Ultimate comfort and fit Strategically placed double darts keep mesh away from temples and eyes Adjustable hook and loop closure Soft, durable, breathable mesh cap for extra comfort 70% UV...

Purina Omega Match Ahiflower Oil Supplement 32oz


A truly unrivaled omega source. Ahiflower® oil contains more omegas than other plant based oils commonly fed to horses. The unique fatty acid profile delivers benefits associated with fish oil,...

Manna Pro Tasty Delights 3lb


From the minute you peel back the freshness seal, the tantalizing aroma lets you know your horse is in for a scrumptious treat. Whether you use Tasty Delites as a...

Pro-Force Horse Fly Mask


The Pro-Force Equine Fly Mask is made for maximum protection and comfort. It offers protection from flies and UV rays and fits horses weighing between 900 and 1,200 lbs. The...

Opti-force Horse Fly Mask


This product provides built-in, invisible and odorless insect protection. Designed for the comfort of the horse, the mask repels mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and fleas and can fit horses weighing between...

Manna Pro Nutrigood Low-Sugar Snax 4lb


We pack a lot of goodness into our Nutrigood treats, starting with all-natural ingredients and the irresistible natural apple or carrot anise flavor horses can’t resist. Plus, enjoy the peace...

Manna Pro Alfalfa & Molasses Nuggets


Great taste Packed with vitamins and minerals Fit easily in your pocket for quick rewards and training Comes in a 4lb E-Z tab resealable package

The German Horse Muffin 6lb


Each muffin is a blend of sweet feed and molasses plus corn, oats, bran, wheat flour, cornstarch, soybean meal, dehydrated alfalfa meal, vitamins and more. DT063  

Durvet Popper Mints


Bite sized concentrated fortified grain treat for horses, ponies and mules from mini to draft size. Peppermint flavored. Do not exceed 0.5 lbs. of product per 100 pounds of body...

Cowboy Magic Super Bodyshine 32oz


COWBOY MAGIC® SUPER BODYSHINE® is formulated to give hair a super shine. Helps repel show ring dust and dries fast. We have added Aloe Vera to strengthen and condition hair...

Aspireze Aspirin Gel 80cc


AspirEze an flavored equine gel that contains aspirin USP for the temporary relief of pain, fever and inflammation associated with the symptoms of wounds, cuts, abrasions and soft tissue pain...

Woody’s Apple Smart Treats


Feeding Instructions: Put two treats in a feed bucket and shake lightly to cause a stampede. Make sure you have enough for everyone to have at least one. If you...

AniMed AnHist H 20oz


AniHist H was developed to help horses breathe better. All-natural support for seasonal allergies, respiratory health, normal histamine levels, and a healthy immune system in horses. Also aids your horse...

AniMed Pure MSM 1 LB


AniMed™ Pure MSM Horse Joint Supplement 99.9% Pure MSM A patented form of MSM with a bio-available source of dietary sulfur to aid in the synthesis of collagen, which promotes...

AniMed Muscle Up 2.25 LB


AniMed™ Muscle-UP™ Powder With Probiotics Muscle-UP™ helps support and maintains healthy muscle, nerves, and circulatory systems. Muscle-UP™ is a complete, premium fast-absorbing formulation designed to support the equine athlete's overall...

Equine Corta-Flx Pellets 2.5LB


Clinically proven, recommended by veterinarians worldwide and Horse Journal Product of the Year, CORTA-FLX® is the first of its kind. This joint supplement for horses features the pure, micro-sized, water...

AniMed AniFlex Complete


For use in all classes of horses. AniMed™ AniFlex Complete's unique, natural formulation is easily absorbed to help maintain the health and resiliency of joints and connective tissue, while maintaining...

AniMed AniFlex GL


AniFlex GL Connective Tissue Support by AniMed™ 100% natural horse cartilage protective feed joint supplement which provides glucosamine and anti-oxidants. Aids in protecting joints against cartilage and joint damage. AniFlex...

Animed Glucosamine 5000

From $9.99

Glucosamine 5000 helps maintain the health and resiliency of joints and connective tissue by incorporating Glucosamine HCL, Yea-Sacc® 1026 and Sel-Plex® into an easy-to-feed top dress supplement. Glucosamine provides the...

Vetericyn Wound & Infection Liquid

From $19.99

Clean cuts and wounds, relieve pain, and jumpstart the healing process with Vetericyn Plus liquid products. Use them to clean, flush, moisturize, and help prevent potential infection in wounds, cuts,...

Panacur Horse Wormer


10% Fenbendazole paste. Panacur Equine Paste Horse Dewormer contains the active anthelmintic, fenbendazole. Each gram of Equine Dewormer Paste 10% contains 100 mg Fenbendazole. Panacur equine dewormer paste is used...

Equimax Horse Wormer


Equimax horse dewormer provides safe, broad-range control of parasites, including tapeworms and bots. Equimax contains 1.87% Ivermectin and 14.03% Praziquantel. Equimax is the only ivermectin/praziquantel horse wormer approved as safe...

Zimecterin Gold


Zimecterin Gold Paste is a broad-spectrum equine dewormer proven to treat 61 major species and stages of equine parasites, including tapeworms. This powerful formula combines two active ingredients, Ivermectin and...

Safeguard Horse Wormer 25G


Safe-guard® Equine Dewormer contains 10% fenbendazole and is flavored with artificial apple-cinnamon liquid. It controls large and small strongyles, pinworms and roundworms.

E3 Tea Tree Shampoo 32oz


E3 Tea Tree Shampoo is a gentle, fantastic smelling high lathering concentrated horse shampoo. It is made with tea tree oil, an essential oil that helps clean the hair as...

E3 Brightening Shampoo 32oz


E3® Elite Equine Evolution Brightening Shampoo is an all-natural formula that eliminates yellow tinge from light-colored horse hair. Designed to create brighter manes, tails and coats, this horse shampoo has...

E3 Antibacterial/Antifungal Shampoo 32oz


E³ Elite Equine Evolution Antibacterial/Antifungal Shampoo Specially formulated for horses, E³ Antibacterial/Antifungal Shampoo is gently medicated and commonly used for treatment and prevention of fungal and skin conditions. It relieves...

E3 Argan Oil Conditioner 32oz


E3 Argan Oil Conditioner gives your horse (or dog) a luxuriously moisturized coat providing a beautiful luster and shine after every use. As always this E3 product is top of...

E3 Argan Oil Shampoo 32oz


E3® Elite Equine Evolution Argan Oil Shampoo is a gentle, high-lathering concentrated formula specially made for horses. It contains natural argan oil to help rejuvenate dry, tangled and damaged hair,...