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Cologne / Perfume

McGregor General Store carries a large inventory of men's cologne and women's perfume that we feel represent the modern Texan men and woman.

Lane Frost Legendary Men's Cologne

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Now you can smell like a champion, too.After countless hours spent testing hundreds of different scents, we discovered a fragrance that perfectly embodies the bold spirit that drives the Lane...

Yellowstone Ride 3.4oz Cologne


“Ride for the Brand.” This Rip Wheeler-inspired eau de cologne is ideal for a rough and tough outdoorsman who likes heading home to waiting arms! With notes of raw bergamot,...

Cinch Sport Cologne


A fresh modern scent with notes of ginger, grapefruit and nutmeg. 1.7 fl. oz. 

Tru Yellowstone Tornado 1.7oz Perfume


“You are the trailer park, and I am the Tornado”: This Beth Dutton-inspired perfume is for the fierce yet sensual lady of the ranch. With notes of wind bloom jasmine,...

Yellowstone Men's Cologne


Tru Fragrance Men’s Yellowstone Cologne Inspired by the popular Yellowstone TV series. This cologne contains notes of Desert verbena, yellow grapefruit, vetiver root, golden aspen, atlas cedarwood.

Cinch Dually Cologne


A courageous, distinctive scent with notes of sandalwood, basil and oakmoss. 3.4 Fl Oz. 

Cinch Classic Cologne

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A warm masculine scent with notes of musk, sandalwood, leather and sage.  1.7 Fl. oz. 

Tru Wild & Free Boho Beach


Wild and Free Boho Beach is not only a body fragrance, but it's also a hydrating fragrance for your hair that smells incredible! Boho Beach's blend of coconut water, grapefruit...

Tru Yellowstone Women's Perfume


Inspired by Beth Dutton, the Yellowstone eau de parfum is for the knowing woman who “has a plan for everything,” is “nobody’s baby,” stays a little “dirty,” and is clear...

Lane Frost For Her Perfume


Smell like a championship-caliber cowgirl with the #1 scent in rodeo. Our brand new Legendary perfume was designed to help you make a signature statement that they’ll remember forever. With...

STS 1930 Black Cologne



Tru Western PBR Anejo 3.4oz


This scent takes its inspiration from the past, blending the aromas of deep golden citrus with the vintage warmth of aged woods. PBR Anejo is designed to be a bold and daring...

Tru Leather No. 2 Small Batch


Tru Fragrance's Leather Small Batch No. 2 Vintage Label is a daring and masculine modern cologne. It's inspired by vintage bourbon and crafted with notes of suede, white woods, and...

Hooey Cologne Black


Our inaugural cologne is inspired by the attitude on which the Hooey name was built. Embodying the spirit of originality and the modern outdoorsman, we combined clean, refreshing notes of...

Cinch Anthem Cologne


Anthem Cologne by Cinch Style : MXX1001004

Tru Wild Ride Moonlight Perfume 3.4oz

Sold Out

PBR Wild Ride Moonlight Noir combines citrus, berries and warm florals, creating a fragrance fit for the spirited and daring. Wild Ride Moonlight Noir is new and modern, making it...

Tru Wild & Free Amber Sundance


Wild and Free Amber Sundance is not only a body fragrance, but it's also a hydrating fragrance for your hair that smells incredible! Amber Sundance's mix of sun-kissed citrus, coconut...

Concrete Cowgirl Perfume


⚡️ CONCRETE COWGIRL ⚡️ Concrete Cowgirl is the untamed woman sitting in a dimly lit cocktail bar, flickers of candlelight revealing velvet booths and a sleek polished mahogany bar top....

Dolly Parton Smoky Mountain Perfume


03-099-1000-9008 Dolly Parton Front Porch Collection Smoky Mountain Eau De Toilette, Perfume for Women, 1.7 fl ozLaughter, love, friends and family… All the wonderful stories from Dolly’s front porch –...

Capri Blue Volcano Eau de Parfum .34 fl oz


Take on the day with confidence and a quick spritz of your fav Volcano fragrance. With delicious notes of sugared citrus and tropical fruits it's the perfect punch of fragrance you need....

Dolly Parton Fireflies Perfume


03-099-1000-9005 All the wonderful stories from Dolly’s front porch – straight from the Smoky Mountains to our hearts. Dolly’s joy and positivity inspires us to chase a firefly, dance in...

Stetson Spirit Hair & Body Wash


The Stetson Spirit 16oz All Over luxurious Body Wash deeply cleanses from head to toe with an awakening scent. Fresh and ambitious, groomed for greatness with notes of Bergamot &...

Stetson Spirit Heavy Duty Deodorant


Stetson SpiritFresh and ambitious, groomed for greatness.  Features notes of both bergamot and leather. The Stetson Spirit Heavy Duty Deodorant with long-lasting, odor-fighting protection in a skin-loving formula. Is both...

Stetson Spirit Cologne 1.7oz


Legendary spirit, modern wanderlust: it’s the call of the woods. Like a rumble of thunder, brash citrus notes wake the adventurer in you. Venturing deeper, surrounded in rock rose and...

Dolly Parton Tennessee Sunset Perfume 1.7oz


Laughter, love, friends and family…All the wonderful stories from Dolly’s front porch – straight from the Smoky Mountains to our hearts. Dolly’s joy and positivity inspires us to chase a...

STS 1930 Crimson Perfume



McIntire Saddlery Car Scents Assorted


McIntire Scents HOME OF THE ORIGINAL LEATHER CAR SCENT!We discovered years ago that leather would hold the smells way longer than other car scent material and that they can be...

Tru Western Rodeo Soul 3.4oz Perfume


96637 Inspired by the vibrant style of the west, Rodeo Soul is a perfect fragrance for every moment in her life, blending flirty vibrancy of dewy pear with creamy sensuality...

Hooey Men's Cologne Gift Set


HOOEY COLOGNE-GIFT S 3.4 oz Cologne Bottle0.33 oz Travel Cologne Bottle4 oz Body Soap Top Notes : Bergamot, Lemon Oil & Pink PepperHeart Notes : Sage, Leather & CocoaBase Notes:...

Tru Western Wrangler Cologne 2.5oz


Aromatic. Citrusy. Earthy. Bright citrus is threaded with fresh aromatics & warm resins to create a signature, uniquely Wrangler scent, inspired by the iconic brand's rich history. This cologne is...

Tru Western Men's Yellowstone Gift Set


The ultimate cowboy care package. Refresh after a hard day's work and saddle up for a night out.  This handcrafted men's fragrance set contains an Eau de Cologne and our artisanal Soap On...

Tru Leather Small Batch Indigo Blend No. 3 Cologne


A captivating blend of velvety citrus threaded with the masculine warmth of blue vetiver and sueded sandalwood.  3.4 oz / 100 mL

Tru Fragrance Yellowstone Solid Ride 0.6oz


The same great Yellowstone Ride Cologne, now available in a pocket-friendly, solid format, so you can continue smelling good all day long. This Rip Wheeler-inspired cologne is ideal for the rough and...

Tru Fragrance Yellowstone Solid Original 0.6oz


The same great Yellowstone Original Cologne, now available in a pocket-friendly, solid format, so you can continue smelling good all day long. This Rip Wheeler-inspired cologne is a manly blend of aromatic...

Tru Cowboy Gunslinger Cologne


Earthy. Leather. Tobacco. Forged in the spirit of the west, a raw blend of bergamot, huckleberry & sage evoke the early mornings of the untamed frontier. As the scent weathers, an...

Tru Black and Blue Cologne


Black and Blue's fresh and spirited scent dries down to a smooth spice - the ultimate expression of strength and determination. The notes fragrance notes include Citrus, Sage, Lavender, Pepper,...

Tru 8 Seconds Fury Cologne


Inspired by the intensity needed to achieve the perfect ride, PBR 8 Seconds Fury is a warm and vibrant scent, containing notes of Brazilian Pepper, Green Apple, Lavender, Amber, and...

Tru 8 Seconds Cologne 3.4oz


Inspired by the quest for the perfect ride, PBR 8 Seconds is a bold and fresh scent. With notes of Zesty Lime, Crispy Air, Lavender, Crushed Leaves, Rich Oakmoss, and...

Red Dirt "Roam" Cologne


Our new Roam cologne is our first fragrance release and has a fresh, clean, masculine scent with leather tones and an underlying hint of cedarwood. All you need is 2-3 sprays and you’ll...

Lane Frost Men's Legendary Cologne Frosted


After our Legendary cologne became the best-selling cologne in western wear, we set out to create a fresh scent (pun intended). We call this new scent Frosted. Made for men...

Black and Blue Flame Cologne


Bright and crisp-flame is the definition of bold yet cool. Hints of bergamot, Moss, and black tea.  3.4 Fl. Oz. 

Tru Western Women's Yellowstone Gift Set


Breathe in the west with this set of two handcrafted perfumes. These unique fragrances are inspired by the unstoppable grit of the women of the American West. The Tornado Eau de...

Tru Western Wrangler Perfume 2.5oz


Sugared Fruits. Tart. Vibrant. Wild blooms & tart fruits are infused with soft musks to create an effortless, uniquely Wrangler scent, inspired by the brand's rich history. This perfume features...

Tru Wild & Free Indigo Fields Perfume


92703 Wild and Free Indigo Fields is not only a body fragrance, but it's also a hydrating fragrance for your hair that smells incredible! Indigo Fields combines bright berries and...

Tru Southern Soul Perfume


Warm and intoxicating, Southern Soul lends itself to the gracious and graceful. With Southern Apple, Lemon, Waterlily and Soft Amber, it's no doubt this perfume has charm, class and confidence....

Tru Love & Lyrics Perfume


When words fail, music speaks.... Fresh and eau so addictive, this flowing melody of notes opens with a vibrant blend of raspberry and bright peach, wrapped in a delicate pink...

Tru Lace Soleil Perfume


Sunny and refreshing, Lace Soleil features an energizing mix of passion fruit, red berries, and sheer musk. Suggested use: For best results, apply product to wrists, chest and behind the...

Tru Lace Noir Perfume


Soft and irresistible, Lace Noir's blend of peach nectar, wild berries, gardenia blossom and caramel toffee leaves an unforgettable impression ideal for date night or special occasions. Suggested use: For...

Tru Lace Eau de Perfume


Delicate and sophisticated, Lace combines citrus, feminine florals, precious woods and vanilla to create a glamorous, confident fragrance perfect for daytime wear. Suggested use: For best results, apply the product...