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Dog & Cat

Check out our large variety of food, toys and supplies for a healthy and happy pup and kitten at McGregor General Store.

KONG Softies Buzzy Llama Cat Toy


Description Thanks to its buzzing and spinning movement, the KONG Softies Buzzy Llama Cat Toy captivates your cat’s attention and appeals to his natural hunting instincts. Simply pull the llama’s...

Weaver Leather Carved Turquoise Dog Collar

From $15.99

Dark oiled leather features a rustic floral carved design accented with turquoise. Denim inspired wide white stitching, refined smoothed and darkened edges and an oblong center bar buckle for a...

Weaver Leather Twisted Feather Dog Collar

From $17.99

Hand painted feather accents pair with subtle sanding to give this light oiled leather collar a subtle rustic touch. Non-rust stainless steel hardware looks as great as it performs.

Redbarn Bargain Bag 2lb


The Redbarn Bargain Bag is an assortment of our best selling natural chews. No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors means every chew in this bag is free from harmful additives....

Sportmix Wholesomes Heidi's Treats 25oz


Heidi loves these soft, delicious jerky sticks! Bold, smoky flavor and tasty US farm-raised chicken convinces her to show her best tricks. Premium proteins and wholesome vegetables help keep her...

Victor Hi-Pro Beef Bites


VICTOR Hi-Pro Bites are a high protein training treat that keep rewarding. These low calorie treats feature high-quality beef as the first ingredient and are formulated with our VPRO Blend...

Ranch Dress'n Grooming Tote


6 Small External Pockets 2 Large External Pockets (on the side) 2 Large Internal Pockets Fully Lined Open Center (lots of storage) Adjustable & Removable Strap 11" Wide x 10.5" Tall...

Exhibitor's Quic Silver Shampoo


Creates incredible silver and golden highlights and platinum white markings Intensifies all light colors within coat. Highlights silver in grays, gold in palominos and platinum in white. Eliminates tough stains,...

Western Tooled Leash


Grab this western tooled leather leash to match your pups leather collar! Also features a padded handle for added comfort! Length - 50" Width - 1/2"

Western Tooled Padded Leather Collar - Blue Flower


This stylish leather dog collar is a great addition to any pet closet! Small - 18.11" Medium - 22.44" Large - 26.77"

Western Tooled Padded Leather Beaded Collar - Red & Blue


This stylish leather dog collar is a great addition to any pet closet! Small - 18.11" Medium - 22.44" Large - 26.77"

Western Tooled Padded Leather Beaded Collar - Turquoise & Gold


This stylish leather dog collar is a great addition to any pet closet! Small - 18.11" Medium - 22.44" Large - 26.77"

Nutri-Vet Dental Health Soft Chews


Nutri-Vet Dental Health Soft Chews for Dogs contain a veterinary formulated blend of antioxidants to decrease plaque, tartar, gingivitis and certain bacteria that can lead to periodontal disease in dogs....

Black Gold Beef & Pepperoni Jerky Dog Treats


Premium jerky treats have a chewy texture that your dog will love. Savory beef and pepperoni flavors are created with real meat that'll leave your dog drooling. Great for dogs...

Redbarn Collagen Stick 3ct


These all-beef chews are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including sticks, braids, a ring, and a spring. They are 100% natural and are free from grain, gluten,...

Wholesomes Rewards Smokey Bites Biscuit Dog Treats


Gourmet Rewards Smoky Bites bring together bacon and hickory smoke flavor for a delicious duo. This recipe will tempt your dog’s tastebuds and the crunchy texture will help remove tartar...

Nothin to Hide Beef Roll 5in


Nothin' to Hide chews are highly digestible alternative to rawhide. Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, our delectable beef coated chews are sure to offer a safe,...

Poo-Pourri Pawsitively Fresh Spray/Candle

From $4.95

Pet odor can be ruff!—not anymore! Pet~Pourri air and fabric spray eliminates 99% of pet odor across your home (including urine). Proprietary Funk Lock™ Technology neutralizes odor molecules so your...

Capshield Maxx Chewable Cat 7-15Lb 6ct


Skin Supplement for Extended Flea Protection. CapShield Maxx is a combination of Nitenpyram and Lufenuron. Lufenuron is a growth inhibitor (IGR) that will stay in the bloodstream for about 30...

Banixx Wound Care Cream 8oz


Wound Care Cream, ultra enriched with Marine Collagen with its sea sourced amino acids that repair tissue/damage while moisturizing the infected skin. Cells need to remain moisturized for quickest repair;...

Nutri-Vet Anti-Diarrhea Liquid 4oz


Nutri-Vet Anti-Diarrhea Liquid quickly helps soothe an upset stomach and stop diarrhea. Kaolin and pectin is thought to reduce gas and diarrhea by absorbing bacteria and toxins from the intestinal...

PetAg Nurser Bottle 2oz


A nurser developed to promote the natural feeding of Esbilac, KMR or other liquids to animals. Bottles: Durable enough to stand up to hard use. Marked with graduations to make...

Adams Plus Pyrethrin Dip


Pests can be a nuisance to you and your pets, but luckily Adams Plus Flea & Tick Pyrethrin Pet Dip can help. Adams Plus Pyrethrin Dip kills and repels fleas,...

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo w/ Precor 12oz


Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo with Precor is a sensitive skin, lathering shampoo enriched with aloe, lanolin, coconut extract, and oatmeal to help condition the skin and coat, while...

Adams Ear Mite Treatment


Ear mites can be agonizing for your pet. Help your furry companion fight pesky ear mites with Adams Ear Mite Treatment. Adams Ear Mite Treatment for dogs and cats offers...

Salvo Flea & Tick Dog Collar - Large/XL


Easy-to-use flea and tick collar that quickly and effectively protects dogs from fleas and ticks for 6 months. Fleas on the dog are killed and fleas in the dog's environment...

Safari Cat Nail Trimmer


Our Safari Cat Nail Trimmer features stainless steel for a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge and a comfortable grip. Holding the paw firmly, trim tip of nail with a single stroke....

Petsafe 300 Yard Remote Trainer


Looking for a hands-on training option for a close range? The PetSafe 300 Yard Lite Remote Trainer is paw-fect! This short-range trainer is ideal for training on or off leash....

Petsafe 100 yard Remote Trainer


Looking for a hands-on training option for a close range? The PetSafe 100 Yard Lite Remote Trainer is paw-fect! This short-range trainer is ideal for training on or off leash....

Lixit Dog Faucet Waterer


Fast and easy training, dogs learn how to use it almost immediately Provides fresh and clean water anytime your pup wants it, with no messy or dirty water bowls that...

Durvet Hemp Calming Soft Chews 60ct


Durvet Calming Hemp Soft Chews for both dogs and cats to ease nervousness, hyperactivity or discontentment Perfect for use during storms, fireworks or any environmentally induced stress.

Safari Professional Nail Timmer for Dogs

From $11.99

The Safari Professional nail trimmer is made from the finest quality Stainless Steel which will give a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge. Nail trimming should be a regular part of your...

Supercan Jumbo Cow Ear


We believe your four legged companion deserves the best. SUPERCAN BULLYSTICKS Cow Ears are made from free range grass fed angus beef ears. Prepared and packaged in our own food...

Wholesomes Rewards Puppy Variety Biscuit Dog Treats


Made with chicken meal and pork meal for a protein-rich treat you can feel good about. Crunching action helps remove loose food particles and tartar, supporting healthy teeth and gums....

Wholesomes Rewards Nut'R'Nipz Biscuit Dog Treat


Wholesomes Gourmet Rewards Nut'R'Nipz are small in size, but mighty in taste. Your adult dog or puppy will love the roasted peanut flavor and crunchy texture, making them a perfect...

Wholesomes Rewards Cheezy Bites Biscuit Dog Treats


Made with chicken meal, pork meal and real cheddar cheese for a flavor your dog will go head over paws for. Crunching action helps remove loose food particles and tartar,...

Savory Prime Grillers 16oz

From $15.99

Savory Prime's Grillers are slow roasted jerky tenders with a fresh grilled taste. Made with savory chicken fillets, our all natural and healthy tenders are high in protein, giving your...

Exclusive Comfort Care Snacks Dog Treats


Your dog will love these Exclusive Dog Treats! Formulated with Prebiotics + Fiber for digestive health support. Peanut butter flavored!

Canine Carry Outs - Beef 25oz


Your dog goes wild whenever you bring in a bag of beefy leftovers from a night out at your favorite restaurant. Now you can give them the flavors they love...

Western Sunshine Sunflower Padded Leather Dog Collar


Check out this fun leather dog collar! Small - 18.11"

Western Tooled Padded Leather Beaded Dog Collar


This stylish leather dog collar is a great addition to any pet closet! Small - 18.11" Medium - 22.44" Large - 26.77"

Western Tooled Pink Leather Beaded Dog Collar


Expand your dog's wardrobe with this Western Pink Beaded Dog Collar! Small - 18.11" Medium - 22.44" Large - 26.77"

Weaver Savannah Dog Collar

From $35.99

As unique as its namesake city, this rich brown premium English bridle leather collar has a vintage vibe with a touch of sparkle for modern style. Highlighted with copper metallic...

Weaver Bridle Leather Dog Leash


Premium English bridle leather dog leashes retain their strength and beauty throughout the years. Complete with precise wheat stitching and aluminum-finished hardware, these leashes are the ultimate in durability, longevity,...

Weaver Beaded Basketweave Dog Collar

From $24.99

These dog collars are handcrafted from rich dark brown oiled leather with basketweave tooling for timeless style. Features intricate Aztec design beaded inlay, antique copper spots and an oblong center...

Weaver Painted Floral Leather Collar

From $26.99

Premium light oiled leather collar features a beautiful floral carved design highlighted with hand-painted accents that make the intricate details pop. Precision stitching along the smoothed and darkened leather edges...

Weaver Harness Leather Dog Collar

From $11.99

Handcrafted from extra heavyweight Hermann Oak® russet harness leather, these weather-resistant dog collars are especially comfortable for your active canine. Perfect for any dog, these flat collars are sure to last...

Weaver Bridle Leather Dog Collar

From $10.99

Long-lasting English bridle leather and aluminum-finished hardware make these dog collars the perfect choice for your active dog. Dogs in training will appreciate the even pressure distribution these collars provide....

Kong Extreme Dog Toy - Medium


Give your tough chewer a challenge with the KONG Extreme Dog Toy, representing the most durable strength of KONG rubber. This plaything is designed for the toughest chewer and offer...

Nutramax Cosequin Max Strength Joint Supplement for Dogs


Help support your dog's joint health and mobility with Nutramax Cosequin Maximum Strength (DS) plus MSM Soft Chews! Healthy joint cartilage is crucial to joint function, which is why this...