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Animal Health

McGregor General Store cares about your animals because we care about ours!

ZoGuard Plus for Cats Flea & Tick Treatment


Description Help protect your feline friend from unwanted visitors with ZoGuard Plus Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats. Specially designed for cats weighing 1.5 pounds or more and kittens older...

ZoGuard Plus Dog Flea and Tick Treatment


Description Help protect your canine companion from unwanted visitors with ZoGuard Plus Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs. Specially designed for dogs weighing between 5-132 pounds and puppies 8 weeks...

TropiClean Lime & Coconut Shed Control Pet Shampoo


Description Yes, you CAN do something about your sweet furry one’s tendency to shed all over your home — and it’s called TropiClean Lime & Coconut Shed Control Shampoo for...

TropiClean Aloe & Coconut Deodorizing Pet Shampoo


Description When your furry friend is due for a bath, make sure you use TropiClean Aloe & Coconut Deodorizing Shampoo for Pets! It gently but thoroughly cleanses and moisturizes her...

TropiClean Gentle Coconut Hypoallergenic Puppy & Kitten Shampoo


Description Treat your furry baby to a gentle, luxurious bath-time with TropiClean Gentle Coconut Hypoallergenic Puppy and Kitten Shampoo! Made just for puppies and kittens but also suitable for dogs...

TropiClean Awapuhi & Coconut Whitening Pet Shampoo


Description Help keep your BFF's coat white and bright with TropiClean's Whitening Awapuhi & Coconut Shampoo! It's not only great for white fur, but it contains protein that also helps...

TropiClean Kiwi & Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Pet Conditioner


Description TropiClean Kiwi & Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Conditioner for Pets leaves coats silky soft and smelling delicious! It’ll soften and detangle your furry friend’s coat — and give it a...

Vetericyn Wound & Infection Liquid

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Clean cuts and wounds, relieve pain, and jumpstart the healing process with Vetericyn Plus liquid products. Use them to clean, flush, moisturize, and help prevent potential infection in wounds, cuts,...

Panacur Horse Wormer


10% Fenbendazole paste. Panacur Equine Paste Horse Dewormer contains the active anthelmintic, fenbendazole. Each gram of Equine Dewormer Paste 10% contains 100 mg Fenbendazole. Panacur equine dewormer paste is used...

Equimax Horse Wormer

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Equimax horse dewormer provides safe, broad-range control of parasites, including tapeworms and bots. Equimax contains 1.87% Ivermectin and 14.03% Praziquantel. Equimax is the only ivermectin/praziquantel horse wormer approved as safe...

Pyrantel Paste Horse Wormer


Pyrantel Paste Horse Wormer is for the removal and control of mature infections of large strongyles (Strongylus vulgaris, S. edentatus, S. equinus); small strongyles; pinworms (Oxyuris equi); and large roundworms...

Zimectrin Gold


Zimecterin Gold Paste is a broad-spectrum equine dewormer proven to treat 61 major species and stages of equine parasites, including tapeworms. This powerful formula combines two active ingredients, Ivermectin and...

Safeguard Horse Wormer 25G


Safe-guard® Equine Dewormer contains 10% fenbendazole and is flavored with artificial apple-cinnamon liquid. It controls large and small strongyles, pinworms and roundworms.